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The ritual of EARTHING

July 17 2018

Kym Eliopoulos

As I drive down the straight and narrow, of Brown’s Road I often wonder what would happen if Developers got their hands on this land, in our beautiful backyard of the Mornington Peninsula, Victoria, Australia. 

It’s a long weekend, so tourist traffic is heavier than usual and although I drive this route weekly, I approach the sacred site of MaYothu Sanctury, with fresh eyes and can’t help but notice the newly opened architecturally designed wood cladded mediation and healing centre’s uncut grass. This building that should seem foreign, perched upon Boneo’s wetlands on a property that spans almost 20 acres is actually beautiful and sustainably simply and as though it has always been here.

On my first meditation class at MaYothu, operated by Shane D. Martin, owner of Ma-yo-thu retreat and author of ‘Building a meaningful life’. I come to learn about the practice and ritual of ‘Earthing’ and can’t help but allow the gratitude wash over me at the significance of our –‘EARTH’ candle’s relevance to the timing of this class. 

For those of you that are a little puzzled with the term ‘Earthing’ no it’s not a form of connecting wires to the red and black nozzles to your car battery when you have left the radio on too long when the car is parked (although similar principles apply) ‘Earthing’ or ‘Grounding’ is defined as: "Any connection you have to the ground with your bare skin" 

Although I have a basic understanding of grounding oneself with the earth through my yogic training and Ayervedic research. Shane’s approach to the teachings were equally logical and spiritual, by sharing knowledge of how our ancestors use earthing in their daily life, but making the practice relevant to our modern world. We walked with awareness, barefoot on the long, soft earth.  

The sun touching each blade of grass still wet from the night before like tiny diamonds, mischievously teasing us to evaporate under the winter sun. A-ha… That’s why the grass was left un-cut!

Hell I’ve created an entire candle based on this philosophy! 

We are asked to balance each breath with a single step. I chose to close my eyes while I walked. Sounds simple I know, but try it... Not so easy! Walk barefoot on some grass? Ok… Are you outta' your mind? Well I ask… 'When’s the last time you tried it?'

Yes I’m a Yogi, yes I make crystal candles for a living! But I’m also a mum running a business with all the daily distractions of every other human living in the modern western world. We have simply become disconnected! 

Turns out our bodies are very electrical! Honestly, there’s a whole science about it. Positive electrons (free radicals) can get build up in our bodies causing inflammation and lead to disease. but her's the cool part...The earth has a way of pulling the positive electrons out of our bodies, neutralizing the damaging free radicals!

Here are some basic examples: 

Radio frequency = 180 Vm 

Refrigerator frequency = 120 Vm 

Electric oven frequency= 8 Vm 

Sitting with the fan forced heater on, in front of my laptop, with my new kick-ass spotify playlist in the background, washing machine spinning, while hubby mows the lawn. Frequency = LOST COUNT! 

And… The Earth is said to vibrate at 7.8Hz frequency. With all our daily distractions we have become disconnected to our natural frequency. So the most efficient and utmost natural way of re-booting the human body is to plug yourself back into the earth. Simples! (insert cartoon Russian Meerkat here) 

We simply need more EARTH TIME!

Have you ever had an EKG? it's the testing of electrical current running through your heart. Electrical brain waves can also be measured. There are scientific devices that are able to measure your biofield or the electromagnetic field that surrounds the body. 

Connecting your bare skin to the ground is known as 

'The earth’s electricity' can even be conducted through concrete that is on top of the ground. Even walking outside for a few minutes barefoot can help. but the longer time you are exposed to the earth the more benefit you will receive. 

So… Let’s look at the Top 5 Benefits of Earthing. 

1. Your Immune System depends on a fresh supply of electrons. These electrons have one of the strongest antioxidant effects we have yet to find. This is essential to keeping your body clean and healthy.

2. Synchronized Biorhythms, including cardiac rhythms and balancing sleep states. This is good for both your heart balancing back into rhythm and dealing with insomnia. 

3. Lowering stress! When we 'Earth', we are lowering our cortisol levels. Cortisol is the stress hormone that causes aging and abdominal fat. 

4. Minimize “Dirty Electricity” We are bombarded with wifi signals, smartphone, laptop signals all day long. Earthing helps the body deal with all this electric pollution that has damaging effects on our systems. 

5. More Energy! When we lower our stress hormone, sleep better and reduce our inflammation it allows the body to take that freed-up energy and use it towards healing your body and repairing the damage. 

And...There are many testimonies of people having more energy from Earthing. 

So how do we Earth? If you want to get these benefits, you’re going to have to spend some time embracing your inner hippie.  Get the girls out and chant under the full moon (barefoot of course)  OR  perhaps your flavour is to just prepare a picnic at the park, walk down a trail or just around your backyard. Pull up a chair around a campfire and place your bare feet on the earth. 

Finally; If you really can’t get outside but are craving some blue planet action. Place some leafy plants and crystals around your home and work-space to bring the outside in. Gems such as quartz will help to neutralise the electromagnetic fields from household and office devises and a some simple stones, such as jasper or agate can help to ground your energy if you don't manage get outside. 

Now here’s my final tip! Keep it simple! You know those people that say their going for a hike? Here’s a revelation, wait for it… Hiking is JUST WALKING! Therefore ‘Earthing’ is just a modern hipster way of saying Get you’re F’ing kicks off and go barefoot! (of course, with awareness) at least once a week or MORE if you can! 

And here’s a side note: "Mindfulness" IS actually "Mediation"  It’s just a new-age way of explaining what civilisation has been doing for over 5000 years! 

And let's break that word down even further shell we? 

Mind-FULL-NESS. Even a genius only uses 11 % of HER entire brain, so I doubt our MIND-IS-FULL! 

But that’s another blog! 


 Kym x

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