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July 17th 2018

Kym Eliopoulos

As I drive down the straight and narrow, of Brown’s Road I often wonder what would happen if Developers got their hands on this land, in our beautiful backyard of the Mornington Peninsula, Victoria, Australia.

It’s a long weekend, so tourist traffic is heavier than usual and although I drive this route weekly, I approach the sacred site of MaYothu Sanctury with fresh eyes and can’t help but notice the newly opened architecturally designed wood cladded mediation and healing centre’s uncut grass.

This building that should seem foreign, perched upon Boneo’s wetlands on a property that spans almost 20 acres is actually beautiful and sustainably simply and as though it has always been here. 

On my first meditation class at CONT. READING


November 11 2017
Kym Eliopoulos

The Candle industry has been announced as one of the top 5 fastest growing industry's of today. Some may even say candles are the NEW flowers, but I disagree, I indulge in both!

In this article I will give my top 5 tips on how to choose the best candle so your 'cents' will buy you the ambiance you seek to create and gift the feeling of and magic in the air. 

No matter what your lifestyle, anywhere from Inner City go-getters, boho babes a family living in the burbs and everyone in between. We are spending more than 2.3 Billion dollars a year on candles alone (not including candle accessories) With 90% of those candle sales being women, it got me thinking, what it about a candles that sends us into a shopping frenzy that we often think twice about putting the ultimate unleaded fuel in our cars worth thousands of dollars but have no hesitation to drop a cool 50 bucks on a relatively short term gain? Scent! Scent is one of the strongest...CONT. READING


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