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Crystals + Candles in your space

Did you know it takes 2 days to make a single Wicks and Stones Candle? 

On Day 1- We prepare, wick the jar, mix the oils and wax, hand-pour the first layer into the jar, then wait 24 hours for it to set. On Day 2- We hand-pick the stone to place on top of the set soy, mix a fresh batch of oil and wax up, pour the top layer- to embellish the stone into the candle and finally wait for it to set once again! 

And this is only the start of the process... The blend ratios, mix, pour and set temperatures, our signature oil blends and the stones we choose to use for each candle are all carefully curated with a lot of thought and intention. So that when you bring one of our crystal candles into your space, each collection is specifically designed to promote a certain energy for where that candle will sit in your home or work space. 

Here's a guide of what blends and crystals we recommend for your space.


Blend: Clean, crisp lemongrass and warm florals, with woody undertones to promote an uplifting and inviting 'homey feel'.

Crystals: Amethyst (to protect your space) Clear Quartz (to cleanse your entrance of any negative energy flowing in) Tigers Eye (to promote abundance)


Blend: Roses, bergamot and gardenia- create a soft, warm space to promote love and a calm, peaceful space.

Crystals: Amethyst (encourages a peaceful sleep) Moonstone (Balances Yin and Yang energy) Rose Quartz (Love)


Blend: French Lavender, Lemon and Sage set off calming, yet fresh and relaxing aromas. 

Crystals: Citrine (Self-healing) Amethyst (promotes a calming and relaxing vibe) Moonstone (nurturing) 

Work Place

Blend: Mimosa, Tangerine and Vanilla to manifest a motivating and positive environment.

Crystals: Pyrite (boosts confidence to lead you into your power) Tigers Eye (helps with building skills and knowledge) Amethyst (protector of any negative energy, by emitting a calming vibration) 

We have designed a whole range specifically designed for each space of your home! Wicks and Stones 'My Temple' candles are the perfect gift for a house warming or to create that real sanctuary feel in your own home. 

Learn more here!

Love and Light, 

Kym xox


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